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Any questions concerning the Online Voucher System, W-9 Form, or changes to your payee name, tax identification number, address, phone or fax numbers should be directed to Sheila Coughlin: phone (304) 558-3905, extension 57712, fax (304) 558-6612, email Sheila.J.Coughlin@wv.gov.

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Paralegal Salary Conversion Chart

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Stop Payment and Returned Check Fees Memo

Eligibility Affidavit Form

Income Guidelines (Updated 10/1/2013) Income Guidelines have been updated and shall take effect on October 1, 2013)

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Online Voucher System (OVS)

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Law Office Management Tips (including how to create a list of OVS numbers)


Donald L.  Stennett, Director
(304) 558-3905 x57711

Sheila Coughlin, OVS Help Desk Coordinator
(304) 558-3905 x57711

Teresa Asbury, Supervisor
(304) 558-3905 x57713

Heather Atkins, Claims Processor
(304) 558-3905 x57714

Rachel Flynn, Claims Processor
(304) 558-3905 x57717

Kimberly Bennett, Claims Processor
(304) 558-3905 x57707

Jessica Hudnall, Receptionist/Claims Processor
(304) 558-3905 x57705