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    Public Defender Services' Annual Report Fiscal Year 2013 - 2014, has been published. You can access the report at the following link:


    ​Attorneys are permitted by statute to seek reimbursement for the expenses associated with the employment of a paralegal in the representation of a client. To view Paralegal Billing Guidelines click on this link:

    To view the Paralegal Salary Conversion Chart click on this link:


    If an entry looks like a duplicate entry, the agency will take it off the voucher. You need to give further explanation to let us know it is not a duplicate entry. On the first interim voucher submitted, include all fees for services rendered and reimbursement for all expenses made on behalf of the client up to and including the last date of service. If subsequent voucher(s) are submitted, do not key entries that were included or should have been included on previous vouchers; the agency will take off these entries. This causes significant delay in processing vouchers because we must retrieve previous paid vouchers and compare them line by line. You can search Voucher History in the OVS system for verification of entries. To check on any vouchers submitted prior to the OVS system, contact Voucher Processing at (304) 558-3905.


    To view or print any of the 2015 Public Defender Services' conference material click on this link:


    ​The governing statute authorizes PDS to pay up to two vouchers. An interim voucher can be submitted after a case has been pending for six months. A final voucher is submitted when a case is completed. If a third voucher is received with the same charges and case numbers, the payment will be refused. If you have submitted a final voucher, but additional services are required, such as an appeal, revocation, or habeas, this requires a new voucher with a new "Case Type," otherwise it will be rejected as a third voucher. Exception: Abuse and neglect and any juvenile case may be billed at any disposition.


    The statute provides that the rate of reimbursement is the actual out of pocket expense incurred by the attorney for the paralegal's time, but cannot exceed $20 an hour. The attorney CANNOT simply bill the paralegal services at $20 an hour. PDS requires the invoice of a paralegal to set forth either the hourly wage or salary. 


    ​The agency’s processors will strike an entry or entries on a date that appear to be identical to another entry on that date.  If you have a “call to client” listed on a date several times, the processors will strike the additional entries as duplicate entries.  If you have several calls to a client on one day, you should either combine them as “three calls to or from client” or differentiate each as “first call to or from client,” “second call to or from client,” or “third call to or from client.”  This same logic would apply to “meetings,” “reviewing documents,” or “calls to or from” or “conferences with” other persons or parties.  In summary, avoid making identical entries for the same date because, otherwise, the agency will assume a mistake has been made in the billing and will strike the entries.

  • Experts Needed for 12th Circuit Case

    ​The 12th Judicial Circuit is in need of the following:

    • Toxicology Expert
    • Accident Deconstructionist
    • Vehicle Paint Analysts

    If you provide any of these services or have a recommendation, please contact Nancy Fraley or Terri Lawhorn at 304-574-2583.

"There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets depends on the amount of money he has."                                      Griffin v. Illinois, 351 U.S. 12 (1956) 

MISSION: To fulfill the State of West Virginia's constitutional obligation to provide quality legal assistance to persons, who otherwise could not afford legal counsel, in proceedings in which the person's liberty interests are at stake. more about us

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